Guild approved biomass installers

As with all of our renewable energy services (solar PV, solar thermal and air source heat pump installations), our biomass installers are 100% committed to providing exceptional levels of customer service, high quality products and competitive pricing.

Our nationwide installers have been selected through a process of extensive research, recommendation and interviewing to ensure that they meet Guild criteria – only the very best make the grade.

Supply and installation of biomass boilers UK wide

Our biomass installers and the management team at the Renewable Energy Guild work in close partnership with manufacturers and industry experts, so that our residential and commercial clients across the UK have access to the highest quality and most reliable renewable technologies.

When you work with our biomass specialists, you’ll benefit from their expertise and experience, quality workmanship and tailored, honest advice. On completion of your installation, you’ll receive a sign-off email, along with your approval certificate – this certificate is your essential documented evidence that the installation was carried out to your complete satisfaction.

Biomass – what is it?

Biomass can be defined as biological material that has come from organic matter such as wood, forest and agricultural residues from waste, animal slurry and other organic waste materials.

Wood remains the largest biomass energy source to date and is utilised in biomass heating installations where woodchip, pellets and logs are the most common fuels.

Biomass boiler installations

Available for:

  1. Domestic application – defined by heating requirements of 0 to 45 kW. The installation of a domestic biomass boiler must be carried out by a certified MCS (the Microgeneration Certification Scheme) installer. All renewable energy guild members are MCS approved.
  2. Commercial/industrial application – defined by heating duty requirements of over 45 kW.

If you’re looking for biomass installations please contact the REG to discuss further or arrange a site visit.

Biomass benefits

  • No harmful emissions
  • Clean energy
  • Helps to reduce your carbon footprint by using less fossil fuels to heat your home/premises
  • Potentially offers an income via the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme (RHI)

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