Guild approved wind turbine installers

If you are looking to generate electricity for your home using micro-wind or small-wind turbines our guild approved installers offer the very best service from start to finish. The success of wind power totally depends on the wind speed and suitability of your site so it’s important to understand the technology available and the potential benefits.

All advice is delivered with complete transparency and our approved installers are constantly monitored in accordance with our Code of Conduct and strict Guild criteria.

Wind Turbines – how do they work?

The operation of a wind turbine on principle is very simple. Propeller-like blades catch the energy in the wind which drives a generator to produce electricity.

Benefits of domestic wind turbines

When thinking of harvesting wind and its potential benefits there are a couple of facts that can’t be disputed, the UK is the windiest country in Europe and when the wind blows the most is in winter when most of our electricity is used.

benefits of wind energy are:

  • Plenty of wind as the UK accounts for over 40% of the total wind in Europe
  • Benefit immediately from the reduction of your electricity bills (wind is free)
  • Get paid for what you generate through the governments Feed-in Tariffs
  • Cut your carbon footprint as wind electricity is green and clean
  • Avoid power cuts by storing any excess electricity in batteries



Maintenance checks every few years are necessary as a well-maintained wind turbine should be expected last over 20 years, but remember that the lifespan of the inverters is approximately 7-10 years, so they will need changing at least once in the lifespan of the turbine.

How much do domestic wind turbines cost?

Costs vary and will depend on the mounting method (roof-mounted or pole-mounted) and size of the system.

  • 1KW micro wind system roof-mounted could cost up to £3,000
  • 2.5KW system pole-mounted cost between £9,000 and £19,000
  • 6KW system pole-mounted cost between £21,000 and £30,000


Planning permission for domestic wind turbines

Under new permitted development rights, planning permission for most domestic wind turbines should not be required, Some conditions and limits may have to be considered you can always contact your local authority to find out if planning permission is needed.

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