Renewable Energy Guild & Energy Storage

The main focus of the Renewable Energy Guild is the education and promotion of energy storage, and the benefits storage technologies will bring to the future of the renewable market.

Our members provide expert knowledge and work with national & international partners of energy storage solutions to offer help and advice on how to take advantage of the clean energy you produce.

Energy demands on your home

The electricity demand on the average home is higher in the mornings and evenings than through the day. Excess energy produced and not used is often sold back to the energy companies at a lower rate than you would pay for it if pulled from the grid. With battery storage the solar energy you create through the day or the power you produce from wind is available to you whenever you require it, reducing the need to buy back the energy at a higher rate.

 Energy storage for your Home – how do they work?

Electricity produced from wind turbines or solar panels is passed through an electrical inverter that converts direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) and then used to charge battery storage units in the home, batteries can also be charged from the grid when utility rates are low. The electricity stored can be used to power your home on an evening or in the event of an electric power outage. Battery storage helps maximise self-consumption of the renewable power you generate.

benefits of wind energy are:

  • Maximise your self-consumption of solar power
  • Reduce your grid costs
  • Protect against power outages
  • Clean energy independence
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

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