Insulating your home has long been proven to be the most simple way to reduce your energy bills and start saving money. Over 60% of a homes heat can be lost from poorly insulated roofs, lofts, walls, windows and doors.

Loft insulation

As heat rises, if your home is not insulated, you could be losing around 25% of the heat YOU are paying for through the roof. Insulating your loft space will reduce the heat loss and save you money.

If your loft has easy access

If your loft space has easy access and the joists are regular, rolls of mineral wool can be used. For the insulation to be effective the total thickness should be at least 200 millimetres. It is important not to compress or over stretch the insolation as this can damage the weave and affect it’s ability to trap heat. The mineral wool can cause irritation to the skin and throat so protective clothing and masks must be worn.

Inaccessible loft space

If your loft space is hard to access, an alternative blown insulation can be used. This insulation is usually made of fire-retardant mineral wool or cellulose fibres. Specialist equipment is needed so this type of insulation is best left to the professionals.

Damp and Condensation

As insulation stops heat escaping from living spaces, in turn this will make your loft space cooler. If you have any existing damp or condensation issues, insulation could introduce or make the problem worse. Always get professional advice on fixing any damp problems, you may also need to increase the ventilation of your loft space and for this you will need to get approval from Building Control.

Pipes and water tanks

With the insulation of your loft space stopping heat escaping from living spaces, this naturally makes the loft space cooler. In the winter months pipes and water tanks are more likely to freeze, so remember to insulate them too. To stop cold drafts make sure your loft hatch is an insulated one, with draught-excluding material fit to the hatch edges.

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