Fit’s i see no Fit’s

Life After Incentives


When the Renewable Energy Guild started to look at the renewables market in early 2010 we could see from the beginning the incentives the government had created were unsustainable and in our opinion ridiculous. The arguments were the need to create a demand for renewables that would bring investment into manufacturing and drive down the cost of installations.

To that extent the plan did work, the problem was that rather than adding education into the equation the government in their wisdom just decided that the only way to get the general public to embrace renewable energy was to give them an offer they couldn’t refuse.

The fear now with the planned cuts to the feed-in tariff and the scale down of RHI (renewable heat incentive) once these incentives have all but disappeared so will the renewable industry.

But we must all remember In the past three months, for the first time in our history, Britain produced more electricity from renewable sources than it did from coal. We at the Guild do believe in renewable energy and it is up to all within the industry keep our course, steady our ship and fight the good fight. Education is our weapon and our vision of a cleaner more sustainable world for generations to come is and always will be our ammunition.


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