Local, accredited solar thermal companies

With a growing membership of approved solar thermal companies across the UK, the Renewable Energy Guild is the solar partner to trust. By researching, interviewing and assessing every one of our recommended solar thermal installers, you can rest assured that you’ll get the very best service from start to finish, along with highly competitive prices.

When choosing a green or renewable energy system, it’s important to understand the types available and their benefits – and one of the common questions we’re asked is ‘What’s the difference between solar PV and solar thermal?’

Essentially, solar PV panels generate electricity through sunlight, providing power for lighting and plug sockets, whereas solar thermal provides a green alternative to heating water.

How solar thermal systems work

A solar thermal collector (flat plate panels or evacuated tube panels) is installed on the roof of your home or premises. Inside the collector, a non-toxic and freeze-proof solar fluid is heated by the sun. This is pumped through a pipe coil inside the hot water tank (cylinder), which heats up the water within.

How can our solar thermal installers help?

Our accredited installers will guide you through the entire supply and installation process, providing tailored advice and excellent customer care at every stage. Using only the very best solar thermal panels or tubes, we’ll ensure that you get the most efficient system possible for your property, helping you to reduce your carbon emissions and energy bills.

Sign off and certificate – as with solar PV installations, on completion of your project, we’ll forward your Guild Installation Certificate and the paperwork required to claim your RHI. You’ll also be asked to complete an online feedback form so that we can ensure you were satisfied with the standards of service provided by our approved and fully insured installer. All workmanship comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Commercial and industrial solar thermal installations

If you’re looking for commercial or industrial solar thermal installations, please contact us on 0113 457 0587 or via email to arrange a site visit.

Benefits of solar thermal

  • Clean energy
  • Energy savings
  • Potentially offers an income via the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme (RHI)

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