Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

All Members are legal entities including subsidiaries and branches operating in the UK or internationally. Their principal business is that of reputable practice and, as such, no Partner, Director nor Principal has been subject of compulsory liquidation nor bankruptcy nor subject to investigation or conviction of theft or fraud.

1. Applications for membership are subject to approval of the directors of the Renewable Energy Guild.
2. The Renewable Energy Guild reserves the right to refuse a membership application without justification of its decision.
3. Members are small to medium size independent businesses.
4. Members agree to adhere to The Renewable Energy Guild’s strict Consumer Code and any other associated Codes from trade organisations applicable to the project and its contractual requirements.
5. Membership is contingent upon ongoing good reputation of the member and the adequate representation of the Renewable Energy Guild for areas of membership.
6. Members will carry all necessary levels of insurances.
7. Members will belong to a minimum of one recognised trade institution applicable to the technology or trade they are associated with.
8. Members Health & Safety Assessment scheme standards are to at least CHAS standards.
9. Members will advise the Renewable Energy Guild of any change in their company status
10. Membership will commence from the date of approval of membership application.
11. All members are issued with a membership certificate.

Membership Fees
1. All members of Renewable Energy Guild must pay an annual membership fee. The Renewable Energy Guild reserves the right to alter the membership fee from time to time.
2. Renewable Energy Guild membership is valid for one year and runs from date of application approval.
3. Membership fees are due 7 days from date of invoice.
4. Membership fees are due in full in advance of membership commencement and
5. In case of membership termination, membership fees are non-refundable.

Termination of Membership
All members of the Renewable Energy Guild may terminate membership by serving notice in writing to our head office no less than 3 months before the end of membership year
No refunds will be made in respect of any previously paid membership fees.